Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 12, Flexible learning in educational organisations.

Looking at the strategic plan backed up some of the work we have been doing in catering with our use of ipods and portable media.
Referring to Otago Polytechnics "Strategy 2008 - 2012".
Our strategic Goals.
Success indicators - Student retention, success and satisfaction indicators.
For us, the lecturer surveys as well as one to one sessions with our students tell us the availability of recorded practical sessions is used and appreciated.
Recognition at national level in our claimed areas of excellence.
Our Level 4 course is a finalist in the HSI inovation awards and we have secured a grant to upgrade our video hardware to increase quality of our video clips.

Listening to Phil Kers elluminate session gave me a few thing to work into our plan, mainly, Learners autonomy, letting the learner take more control of their learning and maybe little less directed teaching and looking at how much of a blended approach should be looked at when considering a flexible program.

Referring to the same paper (strategic Plan) under Our Priorities.

  1. Create an outstanding experience for learners in a supportive inspiring and stimulating environment.

Supported by student surveys and lecturer feedback, documented back to our programme managers.

2. Develop more flexible pathways and learning opportunities for learners, including learning in the workplace.

Development is on going and available in the workplace and is being followed through by our more senior lecturers.

Priority 7. Develop facilities and systems which support flexible teaching, learning and work practices and which enable excellence in the services we provide.

Again going by the awards we are currently running for as well as feedback from other departments and from industry we are on the right track.

Sounds like blowing our own trumpet, but why not, the work we have completed so far tells us we should carry on with a combination of flexible learning combined with our current face to face teaching, when fully developed we will have a huge resource for the learner as well as ourselves to draw from.

3 - average - provides examples of online learning and distance learning, mentions correspondence - discusses some features and references some readings

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

chef this is an excellent analysis of where your teaching fits with the OP strategic direction. You are doing fabulous work and who will shout your success from the roof tops if you don't. revel in your success! :)