Saturday, May 31, 2008

Week 11, Cultural Diversity

With the flexible learning resources I have produced so far, (i-pod movies, mp3 etc) I really hadn't thought of anything culturally insensitive that may be on our programmes.
We take the requirements from NZQA, interpret those into dishes or theory and post in the choosen style. Being in any way offensive hasn't really been thought of.
I suppose if we were sitting on a table in a video that may be offensive, as in our Moari culture or if we wrote or marked with red pen that may offend some Asian folks, writing about this now will ensure we think about those things for future projects.
But how do you know?
Alli's example with the clock, who would have thought of that, and it wasn't indended to be offensive. So if we all do something in our flexible delivery that may be seen as not ok by some as long as it wasn't intentional and is fixed in a timley way I don't think we should be overly worried or stressed about a mistake.
2 - some evidence - refers to an example of online learning and one of distance but does not discuss them or critique them or make comparisons


Leigh Blackall said...

Well, I guess its a matter of ensuring you are always in a position of responding and making changes quickly.

As for the picture in this post.. I guess some people with religious or high art values - this might challenge them.. but seriously - something common in OUR culture is to reference our sources. You have made a copy of this image without copyright and then used it without reference.. I'm culturally offended! For some people (some with a lot of power) this is offensive and they might let you (and your employer know in no uncertain terms) are you scared yet? ;) Best that you give it a reference to the original source at least. Better if you simply embed the image from its original source rather than copy it and upload it to your own site. Better still, find an alternative image with copy rights that permit you to copy it.

It is VERY VERY important as a professional teacher, that in your blog, videos, and any other resources you create, that the images, text and the music you use have copyrights AND that you reference what you use.

There is a fare dealings clause you could rely on if you really want to use restricted works.. but that's just problematic..

You can source usable images at

and music from

To name but a few...

Chef said...

Fair enough, i've had that image kicking around my desktop for ages, will look at our material again to see we comply.
Changed the pic

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Chef, I hope you don't feel like I've slapped you round with a dead fish here... re reading my comment, I can see it could be interpreted as heavy (it was late at night and while watching TV - can have an affect on me)

I am hoping to set up a production assistance team here in EDC to assist people in producing the best stuff possible in terms of copyrights and formats.. but I need to find funding for such a team.

It would be made up of librarians to find reusable content, media designers to help and advise and reformat, and people like me who keep an eye out for new technologies and practices in ed.

You guys are great in your independence, but I hope this service (if ever we can get it going) will be of some use to you somehow.. ideas appreciated

Chef said...

Cool, no problem Leigh, i,ve been slapped with bigger fish than that before.....can we use anything off flicker we want?

Leigh Blackall said...

Yo can only use stuff with a creative commons By or Share Alike license.

That link I gave you.. the first row of images ar BY images. Click the click more link and a new page will load where you can search for only BY images.

You can't use just any images in Flickr.. only the ones with CC licenses.

Here is a video on how to go about it.. drop in any time you need help with it.

Chef said...

Thanks for that, video has been forwarded to all in dept, will be looking at course material at the end of semester and will update all....on going