Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 13, National and International support for flexible learning development

From my last post......

we applied for and were successful in funding from the

Otago Polytechnics Teaching and Learning innovation fund.
This was primarily to buy and fund training for hardware and software video editing equipment.This is a great first step in producing high quality video resources for ourselves and down the track for use in industry workplaces.

The main points in the application were:

The funding is required to purchase an iMac computer, new editting software and new video camera, to present all course material on iPods. The aim of the project is to:

Improve the presentation of existing and future practical lesson movies.

Present all course material on iPods for flexible delivery.

Further enhance the course material for the kinaesthetic and visual learning styles of cookery students.

Have the hundreds of gigabits of information stored and backed-up within the polytechnics computer network.

Goals and Outcomes:

To create a full collection of movie clips and photos that covers all the practical dishes produced on the level 3 and 4 cookery programmes.

Film the movies with two cameras then edit the movies on an Apple computer using Final Cut Express to improve the professional appearance of these movies.

Upload the movies and photos to iPod for all cookery students to access whenever they want, without the need for broadband

Too improve storage on movie file to a “backed up system” covered by the Polytechnics IT department away from an external hard drive.

The other funding we have looked at was the AKO fund,
National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence which has "the facility to fund small projects of up to 10k that are designed to improve and/or research tertiary teaching and learning.
This application is being looked at but at the moment our main focus is on producing the resource and supporting assessment evidence as well as our blended teaching elements before trying to publish them as a saleable or complete programme.
3 - average - provides examples of online learning and distance learning, mentions correspondence - discusses some features and references some readings


Bronwyn hegarty said...

Congratulations Chef on obtaining the innovation funding. This will be a great boost for helping you achieve your goals. It was great to see your talk at the teaching and learning presentation this week. There was lots of oohing and aahing in the audience about your wonderful video resources and the fact they can be viewed on ipods by students.

One suggestion - it would be more efficient for students to subscribe to the video material as podcasts so they automatically download onto their ipods; this is easy to set them up with this capability at the start of a course. Have you investigated this option?

I was pleased to have helped with your successful application to the innovation fund. As mentioned when talking with you about the AKO funding, this funding would give you the opportunity to get a professional evaluation carried out to measure the effectiveness of the resources in student learning. There is capacity in EDC for this to be supported when you are ready; this is where one of my other hats fits.

Chef said...

Thank you Bronwyn,
podcasts are on our plan of attack but we would feel more comfortable getting the full resource together first.
The Mac will let us go that step further when we get everything together.
The AKO funding for a professional evaluation would be great, again when all the ground work has been done, our involvement in producing these resources is in our own time so the process is a bit drawn out.