Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flexible learning development plan

Thanks very much......Steve

3 - average - provides examples of online learning and distance learning, mentions correspondence - discusses some features and references some readings


Bronwyn hegarty said...

Steve as usual you are very innovative and I really liked watching your presentation on Youtube. Great to see more wonderful pictures of food and it is very interesting to watch and listen. I really like the mix of strategies you are planning for the unit standard, such as web-based materials, slide presentations, video and ipods and DVD resources for those who have compromised access to the Internet.

You mention that the videos and ipods are useful so students can review material and prepare for their study at any time. You mention how flexibility is very important for people working in hospitality due to late shifts. Excellent.

I would be interested to find out more about why you have chosen some of the other strategies. For example, web-based materials, DVD. How do they support student learning or not? Also coverage of some of the course topics such as cultural diversity, access and equity, sustainability and organisational priorities. How sustainable are your approaches in terms of lecturer time, cost-effectiveness, student study time?

Perhaps you could post something about these topics on your blog. Be sure and check out the assessment criteria:

Raewyn said...

Hi Steve

I liked your video and I think the idea is great. It gives me ideas as well for our course with some of the clinical skills we require the students to learn. If they were able to see them anytime they wanted rather than just seeing it once demonstrated would be very helpful. I vote yes for the IPOD idea if it is not to difficult to do and if students can afford to buy a IPOD as part of course costs. Well done

Megan said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your feedback about my presentation on Friday. I am really interested in meeting up and discussing how we can be more collaborative by combining the nutrition and cookery. My Applied nutrition paper did have a cooking section before I started and when the class numbers were much lower than they are now.

What a great plan and video I think that your students are lucky that you have this expertise and have listened to their concerns about time and flexibility. I think i-pods are a good thing to have for course costs in your case. How long does it take you to make a video like this and has it decreased the time you need to spend with the students?? Are their results better in their practical skills with the use of this tool for their learning?

Alli B said...

My lot could utilise some of your ideas and skills