Friday, July 11, 2008

Course Self Evaluation of DFLP

My Final/Final post is my Self evaluation on this course and as Megan said in her assessment it is the hardest part of the course, for me not having to meet any level 7 criteria before, it certinally has been a challenge.
So here we go.....

At the end of all my postings I have given my ratings and any comments.....

Evidence ratings:
1 - very little evidence - superficially mentions online learning but not distance or correspondence;
2 - some evidence - refers to an example of online learning and one of distance but does not discuss them or critique them or make comparisons with own area/context - one reference;
3 - average - provides examples of online learning and distance learning, mentions correspondence - discusses some features and references some readings;
4 - very good - several examples of this type of learning mentioned with reference to several readings and discussion of ideas from the readings and relevance to their practice;
5 - excellent - discusses several examples of this type of learning and refers to several readings with references, and critiques several ideas and how they could be applied in context.

Learning Outcomes for DFLP

1. Discuss principles and processes of flexible teaching and learning to facilitate culture sensitive adult learning;

Learning outcome 1.

Looking at my blog on cultural diversity and access and equity with my references to Professor Barrie O'Connor
The learning out come here is clear.
My posts explained my view on cultural diversity, where I made the point we can't always be on the mark every time, the complex range of different views in my field is huge and can't be locked down. But we can strive to pass on our experiences in the best possible way.
My post on access has covered the points I wished to write on with references to examples on Equitable Use, Simple and Intuitive Use, and Tolerance for Error.

2. Critique the design and application of existing flexible teaching and learning options in relation to the literature;

Learning outcome 2.

I have learned a lot about looking at Flexible Learning not just from a technology view point.
My flexible distance package we are putting together for our students at the moment covers flexible learning from several different angles, written, demonstration, as well as interactive uses of different media platforms.
Looking at examples of flexible delivery plans from institutions like the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) with their seemingly unlimited budgets and resourses where you can buy dvd's, download podcasts or enroll for on line courses at any time, the scope is huge to make our own, relevant flexible delivery programs here and like theirs very user freindly, just not as expensive!!!

3. Explore and justify the strategies for the development of flexible learning environments;

Learning outcome 3.

Exploring flexible learning in my own context is a large part of my non-contact time at the moment.
The justification for implementing the flexible learning into our programmes is the directive from our Otago Polytechnics strategic plan, "Develop facilities and systems which support flexible teaching, learning and work practices, and which enable excellence in the services we provide."
The other reason to develop these programmes is because Industry wants them.
My programme manager was asked to give a quick presentation on what we are doing at a National conference last week.
From the feedback given to my programme manager from one of the biggest hotel chains in the country and from the education Minister and associates the demand for such programmes to be implemented is here and now.

4. Analyse and evaluate challenges that arise in the design of flexible learning environments;

Learning outcome 4.

For me the design and implementation of the "nuts and bolts" of the flexible learning plans don't present many issues at all. I feal I know my subject and what is needed to be passed on at any given level of a chefs training.....
What I don't know about is how it should be presented in a educational sence.
To present the programme in a well structured, sound educational context is a huge challenge to me. The help I am getting in the "student centered teaching course" and through the readings given to me by my more senoir lecturers has been invaluable.
Still we would have to get these programmes into the correctly presented formats and for that I would still need to have a lot of help.

To grade my work from the blog is quite hard, there is always room for improvement in everything we do, so no 5s....

Self assessment of Learning Outcomes, Self Evaluation

Well it's all been a bit heavy but very informative and well worth the effort.
I do believe I have successfully achieved the Learning outcomes and I am much more well informed since doing this course.
I have already taken a lot of what I have learned and implimented it into the base for my future plans.
4 - very good - several examples of this type of learning mentioned with reference to several readings and discussion of ideas from the readings and relevance to their practice

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

Chef it has been a pleasure to have you in this course. You have some very innovative ideas and I have enjoyed reading about your ideas and suggestions for flexible learning. You have worked through the weekly topics thoroughly and written some very interesting posts.

Your self-evaluation of the learning outcomes demonstrates that you have engaged with the course topics and there is clear evidence of your understanding and thinking about FL. It was a great idea to add a rating to each post. In some cases, I felt you were too hard on yourself.

It was very pleasing to see your ability to critique what you were reading and exploring evolve as the course progressed. Well done. Re learning outcome one: you have mentioned student-centred learning as an important principle and mentioned the relevance of your approaches for your group of students.

There could have been more indepth analysis of what you were reading in your posts, however, I can see this skill has started to develop. One of the requirements for the plan is evidence of learning theories which underpin your approach. and the other outcomes also need to be evident in your plan. Your posts demonstrate analysis of the literature and exploration of the challenges for FL.

Justification for the strategies you have chosen in your plan does need expanding. Great work and thanks for all the wonderful food pics. :)