Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 8, Flexible Teaching and Learning Plan

I've looked at this week over a dozen times before settling on a unit that would be appropriate for flexible delivery.
I've decided to put together a blended delivery on the hsi unit standard 13305, complex fish in a commercial kitchen.
It is something being worked on currently but running with this unit as part of this course will give me some more input on the right direction to take it.
The method of delivery would include as a package, a dvd covering an introduction and all information for the start of the unit, workbooks that should be completed and returned as part of the assessment, access to the course blackboard or blog with links to relevant information needed, and Ipod converted demonstrations of the assessment dishes for this unit.
Final assessments could be either taken in conjunction with current classes or in the workplace by an suitably qualified assessor.
We could flexibly deliver several of these types of units as required for the distance learner or for what ever reason the student that may fall behind due to illness etc.
2 - some evidence - refers to an example of online learning and one of distance

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