Thursday, March 6, 2008

My reasons for signing up on this course

This course was one of the options for myself for my GCTLT.
Also we as a department are very interested in expanding our flexible delivery for our distance students. Because our trade relies so heavily on all our senses, (sight, smell taste and touch) if we are going to be able to deliver in a flexible manner we would require the very best approach and tec support we can have. I'm hopping this course will open a few doors so we can access these tools.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

I can see you are going to tantalise our taste buds with lots of glorious pictures of food. Yes the visuals will be very important. If people cannot attend on-campus they could watch your "cookery shows" and then practice at home or in the kitchens where they work. Would it work if they had a few willing "guinea pigs" for tasting and to give constructive feedback?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful layout for your blog. I really like the simplicity of how you have the colourful picture to hold our attention (it works really well) and the straightforward narrative of what this is about for you.